Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How can I register for the 'ICICI Bank App'?

You need to click on the 'Launch App' button and you will be taken to ICICI Bank's Facebook banking page. You can register for this app by authenticating your debit card number, ATM PIN and by generating a password.

You will be registered instantly. After registration, you can access the services available on the application.

Who can register for the 'ICICI Bank App'?

Indian resident savings account holders with a valid Debit Card can register for this application.

However, Indian resident savings account holders having an ATM Card, Current Account holders and Non Resident Indian customers cannot avail this facility.

What are the services available on the 'ICICI Bank App'?

Currently, the following services are available on ICICI Bank App:

  • Checking account balance
  • View last 10 transactions of the account under Mini statement.
  • Requesting a cheque book
  • Cheque status enquiry
  • Cheque stop request
  • Request for email statement
  • Upgrade your debit card
Will I be able to view all my accounts through this App?

You will be able to see account details, mini statement as well as place service requests only for the accounts linked to your Debit card.

Additionally, in the account summary, you will be able to view balances of other accounts linked to your Customer ID (custid) of the account / debit card that is registered.

Is there any fee charged for registration?

There is no charge for this application.

I have two debit cards. I'm unable to register them with the 'ICICI Bank App'. Why?

In the 'ICICI Bank App', you can register and activate only one card at a time.

I can view the ICICI Bank application in Facebook. How can I be sure that this is a secured application offered by ICICI bank?

ICICI Facebook banking application is totally secured. All communication between the app and ICICI server is encrypted.

Will my credentials be compromised if my Facebook ID has been hacked by anyone?

No, since your account data is not stored on Facebook, your bank account is completely safe. Even if your Facebook ID is hacked, the hacker will not be able to access the application unless you have shared your application password with the hacker.

What security measures should I follow to ensure the safety of my account?

The ICICI Bank App is totally secured as

  • No data is stored on Facebook.
  • All communication is secured and encrypted.
  • Registration is subject to Debit Card and PIN authentication.
  • Access to application is subjected to separate PIN authentication generated by the user